Ice Company Ads (1920s)

This post is an addition to a previous entry about the history of the ice can stoves found in California’s Los Padres National Forest (The Ice Can Stove: A Brief History). These are makeshift wood burning stoves made from old sheet metal molds once used to freeze water into blocks of ice. The advertisements from local companies were originally published in the Santa Barbara Morning Press in the 1920s.

The first ad below shows a sketch of an ice block in the form of the metal ice can mold it was produced in. “The finished cake is taken from the can,” the ad notes, “and accurately scored into 25 and 50 pound blocks. . . .” As described in the aforementioned post, it was those metal molds, or ice cans, that were used to fabricate the ice can stoves.

Ice Note the telephone number.

ice 2An ad celebrating Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days Fiesta.

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3 Responses to Ice Company Ads (1920s)

  1. That’s one of those things that one usually never thinks of, how people stored food back in the old days. Here in a more northern climate, people used to saw ice from the frozen lakes and store the ice in specially constructed ice houses.

  2. stevenschlah says:

    Jack, these are really ‘cool’ (pardon the pun). Do you know the date on these? Keep them coming. Steve Schlah

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