Wild Iris Bloom, Santa Ynez Mountains

The wild iris are abloom now in the Santa Ynez Mountains.

This particular flush shown may be the best bloom in many years, coming after the Thomas Fire of 2017 cleared the way, and a month after the torrential record-setting rains of early January. Flowers love fire and rain.

Wildflowers are one of the great signifiers of seasonal change in Santa Barbara County, which otherwise appears largely unchanged throughout the year.

We don’t have big temperature swings or wild weather fluctuations or heavy snowfall or swaths of deciduous trees turning the mountains fiery hues.

Our seasonal markers in Condor National Forest are more subtle and easily missed and overlooked.

A lush, fleeting explosion of vivid color.

But only a patch here and there.

Before dryness and summer heat shrivel it all once more to drab earthen hues for most of the year.

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4 Responses to Wild Iris Bloom, Santa Ynez Mountains

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous flower and great photo.

  2. Diane Siegel says:

    Oh I am delighted to finally learn that these flowers ARE IRIS!!! I’ve had them mysteriously blooming in my parkway strip for years. They are so prolific this year. Drive by 1828 Robbins if you are ever on the Westside to see them.
    A while ago I sent you 2 book suggestions but never heard back from you. They are both FANTABULOUS:
    Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
    The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith

    • Jack Elliott says:

      Thanks, Diane. I missed your message. Thanks for reiterating here. I’ve had Braiding Sweetgrass on my list for awhile, but hadn’t heard of The Well Gardened Mind. I appreciate book suggestions. I’ll follow up on that. I’ll also check your iris. Interesting you note their prolific bloom this year.

  3. Allan S. Morton says:

    Thank you. My favorite flower.

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