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The Privateer; Subcontractor, Dept. of Unauthorized Forestry

In September of 2016, under cover of broad daylight, assisted by her two trusty partners in crime, whom also served as convenient sweet little innocent distractions to any suspecting walkers in the area, Jackie Willowtree smuggled in and planted the … Continue reading

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Scotland, Shifting Baseline Syndrome & Your Local Wilderness

Glen Sannox as seen from Cir Mor Saddle, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Such scenic sweeping grassland is not natural, but in fact the result of human agency. “The British Isles, a Roman outpost located at the edge of European civilization, was … Continue reading

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Geologic Control of Vegetation In Santa Barbara County

In certain places grass, sage brush and chaparral grow beside each other in notably separate and distinct patches. The specific place along the ground where grasses stop growing and woodier plants begin can be remarkably exact and linear in appearance … Continue reading

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