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Upper Santa Ynez Camp Vandalism

I spent this last Tuesday in the upper Santa Ynez drainage after hiking in late Monday afternoon and staying the night. I woke at 5:15, broke camp, brewed a tall cup of coffee and chomped down some homemade cake with … Continue reading

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Bedrock Mortar On Munson Creek, Pine Mountain

I intended to hike up the canyon to Munson Spring, but a rather dense bramble of wild rose eventually forced me to turn around. My thin nylon hiking pants were no match for all the tiny thorns and my legs … Continue reading

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Old Cold Spring Tunnel (1897)

“With continuous boring, this tunnel developed sufficient water by 1897 to warrant a supply main from the tunnel to the city. Civic leaders found the pulse of industry quickening in ratio to the increased water supply.” –Santa Barbara: A Guide … Continue reading

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Golden Eagle

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The Sarsaparilla Drifter

The bat-winged double doors flew open smacking the saloon’s walls with an emphatic clap. He stood there, a bulky figure, face obscured in shadow, the dim sooty flutter of tallow candles warping his features into a caricature. His flat brimmed … Continue reading

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