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Burnin’ Past the Butt Wigglers

The snow has fallen light and deep                                                                                             Soon will come all powder freaks                                                                                                   To carve and shred the mountain tops                                                                                            Until they sit for a swig of Schnapps                                                                                                  A nip here and there as they convene                                                                                               Then they’re off like … Continue reading

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Snow Day on Pine Mountain, Chorro Grande Falls

Thanks to the snowfall and heavy cloud cover, which had the added benefit of keeping the crowds away, the weather on Saturday made for an exceptional day of hiking on Pine Mountain. Chorro Grande Falls Related Posts: Blistered on the … Continue reading

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Soda Lake Reflections, Carrizo Plain National Monument

After a perfect cloudless day that looked as if it was manufactured to precise specifications in a laboratory, I woke the next day with eager anticipation and headed to the Carrizo Plain. Unfortunately it was overcast, but otherwise a pleasant … Continue reading

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Lost Valley and Castle Rock

I spent ten hours wandering around up Lost Valley way and covered nearly 12 miles altogether winding and weaving around on and off trail here and there. I rolled into Nira Campground early Tuesday morning and nobody was around. I … Continue reading

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Hericium Mushrooms of Santa Barbara County

I spotted a Hericium today growing on an oak log alongside a well used trail. Because there are so many different common names for Hericiums (Comb Tooth, Bear’s Head Tooth, Bearded Tooth, Lion’s Mane, Pom Pom, Hedgehog, Bearded Hedgehog . … Continue reading

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