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The Candy Bag Bandit

“I’m gonna fill this whole thing,” I cried leaping into the air. A thin sliver of moon glowed in the star speckled canvas overhead, as I tromped down the road in my Halloween costume with my friend Matt. We set … Continue reading

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Jumping Spider Snags a Honey Bee

I noticed in my garden this afternoon that a jumping spider had caught a bee while waiting on the flower of a Pachypodium lamerei. Related Post: Praying Mantis Snags a Butterfly

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Bedrock Mortar in San Roque Canyon

This bedrock mortar made by Chumash Indians is located along San Roque Creek above Stevens Park, about 1/5 of a mile upstream from the Foothill Road bridge which spans the canyon.

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Nira to Upper Oso: An Early San Rafael Experience

Here’s me in April 1991 posing in front of a San Rafael Wilderness sign. We had just climbed out of the Upper Sisquoc River watershed. I was as a young buck laying eyes on, what was for me, never before … Continue reading

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Turkey Vulture

A turkey vulture (Cathartes aura) soaring on the thermals above East Camino Cielo Road high atop the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara. According to a widely accepted theory in ornithology, turkey vultures use their feces to help cool themselves … Continue reading


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