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The Storied Life of Davy Brown (Davy Brown Campground, Santa Barbara County)

A drawing of Davy Brown’s cabin published in The herald, September 25, 1898. In the only image known to exist of Davy Brown, a tintype, he sits crossed legged on an upholstered chair in front of what appears to be … Continue reading

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1960s Era Pull-Tab Coca-Cola Can

I found this old Coke can half buried in the leaf mulch, beneath the oak and sycamore canopy in a deep canyon cut by a coastal stream in the mountains above Santa Barbara. On the side it reads, “New! All … Continue reading

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Wisdom for the Wilds from Louis L’Amour

On being observant and habitually taking visual note of your surroundings from differing angles when in the wilderness: “Busy as I was now a-talking, I found time to check my back trail. A man who travels wild country gets to … Continue reading

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Potrero John Camp (Sespe Wilderness)

1.7 miles from Potrero John Trailhead to Potrero John Camp in the Sespe Wilderness Trailhead located on HWY-33 at Potrero John Creek Elevation: Trailhead 3696 Camp 4152 The trail leaves HWY-33 plunging instantly into the spectacular gorge cut through the … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Back Ridge on the San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain National Monument

Dragon’s Back Ridge is the result of the tremendous pressure along the San Andreas Fault that runs through the Carrizo Plain National Monument. The ridge is located southeast of the Wallace Creek offset and contains its own offset drainage channels. … Continue reading

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