Roaring River Falls, Kings Canyon National Park

Roaring River Falls, Kings Canyon

“Kings River Canyon calls forth the most enthusiastic encomiums of all who have visited it. The rocks tower in majestic altitude above the bed of the tumultuous stream, their profiles carved by the elements in shapes that suggest the work of a grand sculptor, while waterfalls dash down every intersecting rivulet and over every rocky canyon. For miles through this narrow cavity in the mountains sublime scenes in infinite variety greet the eye of the enraptured observer. Mount King, at an altitude of 13, 316 feet, Mount Woodworth and Mount Brown, of almost equal height, are the sentinels of this mighty fissure.”

San Francisco Call, “The Glories of Kings River Canyon,” March 21, 1897

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6 Responses to Roaring River Falls, Kings Canyon National Park

  1. Roy Harthorn says:

    Nice shot and caption. I just finished Dan Arnold’s books and have learned from them the history of Bolton Brown and Clarence King, the namesake of two of the peaks in your ’97 quote. Arnold’s bio and books are discussed at:
    And there is a great bio of Brown at:

  2. That looks a great place to visit – well captured in your photo too. There’s definitely some faces amongst those rocks by the waterfall isn’t there?

  3. Nico says:

    Just hiked along the Roaring River (but farther upstream) a few weeks back. Beautiful country and a nice reprieve from the roasting SB backcountry.

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