“Fortunately, the task of preparing this volume has been carried on by those who have had the feeling that a piece of work must be done, but who also have had a purpose to make it reveal beauty and exude the historical atmosphere of the region with which it is concerned.”

—Santa Barbara: A Guide to the Channel City and Its Environs (1941)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great site, you should contribute a column to the Santa Barbara View, http://www.sbview.com

  2. trailblogs says:

    I love your blog! Awesome, rich content. I dig all the widgets on the side.


  3. Dave says:

    Jack, you’ve engaged me in history and that’s a feat, so you must be a versatile blogger of the highest order. I left you an award on might site.

  4. Beautiful images, I love the history!

  5. Hey man! I dig your writings. I am in Ojai and wander almost constantly enjoying the beauty and richness of these transverse ranges. You do this land and place justice in the midst of so much over-rated civilization. Thanks for it. If you ever get down Ojai way hit me up and let’s go walk a while! Take care!

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